The bed is a quality bed that comes with a complete, hand-quilted headboard in a timeless design. To give the bed a fantastic sleeping comfort, this continental bed is built with the double pocket system.

The double pocket system consists of an individual pocket with 7 comfort zones for optimal pressure relief and compliance. All edges are reinforced with cold foam for excellent stability.

The middle mattress in width 160 and up consists of two cassettes in a common case. The joint can be felt if you are in the middle of the bed.

 In addition, there is also a thick, top mattress in latex and fiber wadding for a more comfortable sleeping experience.

Top mattress: 9 cm thick top mattress consisting of latex and fiber wadding.

Mattress: Approx. 21 cm high. 18 cm individual pocket with 7 comfort zones. Reinforced with 3 cm thick cold foam around.

Boxspring: Approx. 28 cm high. 12 cm frame of nordic pine and 13 cm high individual pocket system.

Headboard: Hand quilted with buttons, approx. 12 cm thick and a total height of approx. 137 cm including legs.

Legs: 12 cm champagne legs in brushed aluminum.

Fabric: Inari

Total height of the bed in a lying position: 

Approximately. 70 cm including bed legs.

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