Royal Crown is equipped with a quiet and powerful motor that is controlled by a wireless remote control so that you can easily and comfortably switch between all the stepless positions of the bed.

This bed is built with a double system of individual pocket springs with 7 comfort zones. The pocket is surrounded by carefully selected combinations of layered soft materials to give you a sleeping experience beyond the ordinary. The bed mattress is made of soft latex and microfiber wadding that gently encloses the body and follows its contours.

Model: Adjustable
Mattress topper: Latex with microfiber
Spring mattress: 15 cm individual pocket system with 7 comfort zones and have foam around corners and sides.
Box spring: 8 cm individual pocket system.
Lower part: Steel construction with motor, 16 cm high wooden frame, 2 cm thick wooden boards.
Headboard: Button end.
Legs: 12 cm in brushed aluminum.
Fabric: Page and Monolith
Total height of the bed: About 60 cm including bed legs.

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