Luna is a continental bed that adapts completely to your body but does not cost accordingly. The bed has a dual pocket elastic system with seven comfort zones on top, which allows you to get maximum relief whether you sleep on your stomach, back or side.

With the spiked cold foam mattress, you get extra compliance when you lie in bed.

This model comes with a handmade headboard with stripes – The number of stripes differs depending on the choice of size.

The middle mattress in width 160 and up consists of two cassettes in a common case. (The joint can be felt if you’re lying in the middle of the bed.)

Model: Continental bed.
mattress topper: 8 cm thick bed mattress of

foam and microfiber.

Spring mattress: Approx. 21 cm. 15 cm pocket system and 7 comfort zones. Build with foam around.

Boxspring: 27 cm, 13 cm strong pocket system. Build with foam around. Frame of 12 cm northern pine wood.

Headboard: Headboard is a wall mounted headboard that is minimalistic and a modern headboard with two stylish leather straps.

Legs: 12 cm champagne legs in brushed aluminum.

Total height of the bed in a lying position:

Approx. 71 cm, incl. bed legs

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