Made in Sweden

Handmades bed

At Cozybeds you see our Swedish handmade quality beds, and you can expect to get a lot of quality for the money. 

We are a modern bed manufacturer that take care of the old Swedish handcraft tradition. 

Making a real quality bed is a craft that requires great knowledge, experience and patience. In every detail, our bedmakers develop quality and comfort.

We are proud to have satisfied customers all over the country who sleep well in our beds, without it costing them a fortune.


Choosing the right bed

Our goal is for you to be able to fall asleep without problems and wake up refreshed and rested.

Our beds are handmade and made with love. We have several different options when it comes to hardness on the bed and that is because it should be able to suit your needs. Regardless of your sleeping position, our beds should fit. So that you do not burden the wrong body part when you sleep in your bed.

At Cozybeds you will find, among other things

Continental beds
Adjustable beds